We are a democratic and empowered Union of farmers. We produce our coffee with pride and care and we sell it with dignity and with knowledge and understanding of our markets and our customer needs

Our 3000 member farmers (25% women) have been growing coffee since early 1930s. The union comprises of 6 cooperatives: Misuku hill bordering Tanzania where over 50% of our coffee is produced at attitude of between 1700 to 2000m above sea level. Phoka Hills (attitude 1300 -2500m), Viphya hills (1200 – 1500m), Nkhatabay highlands overlooking Lake Malawi (altitude 1000 -2000m), South East Mzimba on the south of Viphya plateau (altitude 1200 to 1700m) and Ntchisi East (altitude of 1200-1800m)

“Our aim is that every smallholder coffee farmer achieves the following:

  • Decent Accommodation~iron roofed, floored Cement, plastered, Adequate ventilation
  • Food Security~ three decent meals a day
  • Adequate warmth~Decent clothing for the family, adequate beddings
  • Education~ send all children to decent schools”

Our goal is to improve quality of life of our member farmers through sustainable farmer organisations by promoting sustainable, production, processing and marketing technologies.

We promote certified coffees:

Achieved Fair Trade Certification in 2009 and 4C verified in 2011 and currently working on Organic certification.

We promote business diversification at farmer, cooperative and union levels as means of diversifying sources of income.  Besides producing coffee through smallholders, the union runs its own Usingini Commercial farm, run coffee shops popularly known as MZUZU COFFEE DENS and also run MZUZU COFFEE SUITES, a family friendly facility (non-alcoholic and non-smoking area)